Saturday, 13 December 2008

Meet-up (face-to-face not face-to-screen)

"Meet-up" is a great online way to meet-up with people locally who share your interests , and on Thursday 11th December 2008 I went to my first meeting. Meet-ups is world wide, although first impressions at the Meet-up home page are that it is very American. I won't explain much because there are videos and explanations at the home page. For anyone who feels "I have local friends but they don't share my deepest interests, and I have people who share my deepest interests but they are not local" Meet-up is a great find. It is also excellent for people newly arrived in an area.

It's slogan is "Maybe it's time for a little less face-to-screen and a little more face-to-face." The range of groups is amazing, and if you can't find what you want then you can set up a new one and invite people to join.

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