Monday, 8 December 2008

Children's Parliament

I received this wonderful text from John Dada at 11.34 on 07/12/08, sharing a great occasion that people at Fantsuam Foundation (FF) have been working towards over recent weeks:
Kafanchan children made history today wt inauguration of their 1st Children's parliament. Hon Gumbare House of Rep, KauruConstituency delivered Keynote address, Canadian High Comm and Save the Childre - UK attended as well as Fantsuam Board members from Lagos, Jos Zaria. FF staff gave excellent support.
These are children who need all the help they can get. From an early age they fetch water and fire wood, they work on the farms, they do domestic work and petty trading, their educational opportunities are very limited, they suffer physical abuse (beatings) at home and at school, and when tragedy befalls their families some are even held to blame and punished as witches. The Children's Parliament is a major achievement and a step towards a more positive future for them.

See Cicely's blog (after the first story about stick ball) for full details and photos .

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