Monday, 15 December 2008

Fred Kayiwa and youth project

I copy this email to my blog, to introduce Fred. He has supported me a lot, especially when I have needed help to make chats go well.

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From: Pamela McLean
Date: 2008/12/15
Subject: Re: [learningfromeachother] Re: Fred Kayiwa and youth project

Hi Fred

I came across this link to Soccer Without Borders
I don't know if they are looking for any new teams to support.The website is asking for more donations and telling potential donors about the work they already do. However there is no harm in emailing them about your work and asking if they will be looking for any new partners in future. They do already have links in Uganda - I don't know if that would prove to be a benefit or a disadvantage.


2008/12/15 fdkayiwa <>
-Hello all friends
I just wanted to share with you what we do currently and perhaps you can advise as well as
support our project in any way you can
thank you a lot for being there for us.
Fred kayiwa

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