Sunday, 14 December 2008

Cecily's Blog - FF through UK eyes

Cecily is a working at Fantsuam Foundation through VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas). She comes from the UK so her surprises, shocks, delights and insights are perfect for anyone in the UK wondering what life is like at Fantsuam.

You can go direct to her latest blog entry here , and explore the archives.
The links below used to be direct to the right story - but have developed a glitch - please ignore them for now.
Alternatively, go straight to the topic you want via the links below (in reverse order):
Children - The Day of Change
: Launch of the Children's Parliament
Attachab Eco-village. - Cecily's blog - Site visit Friday 5th December 2008 - great photos
Culture vulture - Abuja Carnival
Stop the press! and File, Print - Credit crunch story, then scroll down for the realities of trying to get a print out at Fantsuam.
The wonderful world of work! Starting work at Fantsuam
Pretty in Pink - Cicely's new home in Nigeria

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