Monday, 15 December 2008

Dadamac (shortened from Dada and McLean)

Dadamac (shortened from Dada and McLean) is the name the John Dada and I use when we are working on things together. We started collaborating in 2003. How that came about is a long story, but the outcome is that:
  • I am John's eyes, ears and voice here in the UK.
  • I am active on the Internet on his behalf as well as my own.
  • I can describe John's various community development projects in rural Nigeria from first hand experience.
  • John and I communicate regularly using the Internet
  • We hold weekly online UK-Nigeria Dadamac team meetings
  • Together we arrange effective collaborations between people in my network (in UK and online) and John's projects in rural Nigeria.
  • We also act as consultants.
Our first project together was Teachers Talking, which had its fourth online anniversary celebration on November 29th 2008. Our most recent collaboration enabled Marcus Simmons of Ecoshelter to visit Attachab Eco-Village, to learn about Nigerian realities, to teach about eco-buildings, and to construct a demonstration eco-dome.

John's work at Fantsuam Foundation and Attachab Eco-Village is driven by his personal commitment and concerns and is work-without-pay. My independent investigative work into ICT and Education is done the same way, and so is our work with the Dadamac Learners, and some Dadamac Collaborators.

It is possible to contribute to our social/community initiatives (at Fantsuam Foundation and elsewhere) through a registered charity Dadamac Foundation (previously known as CAWD). At time of writing this edit (January 26th 2009) Dadamac Foundation has a policy of making no deductions for administrative costs (where necessary they are covered by Dadamac Ltd).

It is possible to employ the Dadamac team through Dadamac Ltd.

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