Saturday, 13 December 2008

eGaia - by Gary Alexander

Gary Alexander's book eGaia has interesting ideas about collaboration instead of competition. You can read about Gary; download pages of the book; find out how he is implementing the ideas in practice; and get his latest news here

He is a recently retired lecturer from the Open University and has practical suggestions for how we can move to a more sustainable future. He suggests that the human race at the moment is a threat to planet earth (like a cancer). He suggests how we could collaborate with each other in new ways, and could also work in harmony with planet earth. In his ideal future the human race would act more like the nervous system of the planet, rather than a cancer.

I met Gary last year at an Open Space event, during which he kindly gave me a copy of eGaia "on condition that it's not just used as a door stop" - and it certainly hasn't been. I have appreciated the ideas in the book and shared them. The full title is e-Gaia: Growing a peaceful sustainable Earth through communications. You can read more details and download much of the book here.

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