Sunday, 16 November 2008

Web design and sharing knowledge

A letter to the Learning Group at Fantsuam Knowledge Resource Centre. For photos and more about this group see the Fantsuam Learners' blog

Hi Mercy

Thanks for continuing to try to move things forward ref web design training and arranging for people to learn more from Yakubu..

You are right that it would be good to show appreciation to Yakubu. He is being generous in sharing what he knows about web design with the Fantsuam Learning Group. I am glad you are looking at how he might be given some payment by local students later on.

I have been thinking about the way the SDL group is becoming "knowledge richer" thanks to Yakubu sharing what he knows with the blog "newbies" and web-design "newbies". How can we help Yakubu to become "knowledge richer" too?

What knowledge/skills does Yakubu want? How can we help him to get these skills? For instance, I think he was wondering about making money from his camera skills. Perhaps we should be helping him to see if and how this could be done. Perhaps there is some other knowledge that would be more useful to him. John Dada has asked me to think about providing some training opportunites in maths and English language sometime. Perhaps one of those subjects would be of interest to Yakubu. If so we could start with the one he would prefer.

One of the good things about sharing knowledge is that we do not loose it when we share it. In fact we do usually become "knowledge richer" in one way or another - soemtimes by learning it better, soemtimes by learning soemthign new. For example, I have never been given any money for sharing my knowledge with people at Fantsuam (this is why I can only come to Fantsuam as my "holiday" - not in my working time). However I always learn a lot when I am at Fantsuam. I have become "knowledge richer" over the years of coming to Nigeria - each time I visit I move further in my learning journey. This is useful to me in my personal and professional development. How can we help Yakubu in a similar way?

Mercy - you are also helping the learning group to become knowledge richer in may ways. You must let us know what knowledge/skills you are seeking so we can find ways to help you as well.

Yakubu - if you read this please let me know your thoughts.

Please greet everyone for me, and give my apologies where I still owe people emails, but I felt this was a priority one.


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MERCY said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks for making our blog(Fantsuamclc) part of your. We are encouraged.Your Learn by doing blog is highly resourceful.

We appreciate your efforts.

Mercy Isaac
Dadamac SDL(Fantsuam Foundation, Kafanchan).