Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Email backlog, blog,Open everything and TT anniversary

This is an email I just sent to a couple of lists

Hi everyone

~ Email backlog

I am trying a new approach to help me cope with too many emails. I don't manage to read all my emails any more, and I certainly can't keep up with replying to them. My apologies to everyone who has been expecting a response from me. If I fail to reply within the next month or so it may be best if you contact me again - just resend the original email. (Contact me sooner if it is urgent).

~ blog

This is what I am thinking about the emails and my blog. I recognise that when I do write emails (and attachments) I am often duplicating my effort, because what I write is scattered around in so many places. This means that I can't easily refer to what I have written elsewhere, so I often have to explain it all over again. I am currently trying to overcome this by making more use of a blog. If this approach works I should be better able to keep up with emails in future, and who knows, I might even be able to catch up with some of the ones I have missed out on.

I will show you what I mean with two examples:

1 - Open everything

A couple of weeks ago Franz sent me information about OpenEverything, following a discussion in the One Village group. I went to the London meeting and the feeback about it is in a blog entry I wrote on Friday November 14th. I have not shared it before because I wanted to add some links, and I have only got around to doing that today. OpenEverything is about the fourth item that I wrote. I now realise I should have written each item separately for easier reference. (Maybe I will be able to alter it later - hmm - and then perhaps this link won't work any more.)

2 - TT anniversary

I want to let the Kenyan Teachers Talking (TT) people (past and potential) know about the TT anniversary on November 29th. There are other people who need to know about it too, so I have put a bit of info on the blog . The link up will probably be around 10:00-11:00 GMT, 11:00-12:00 Nigerian time, which I think is 13:00-14:00 Kenyan time. I will update the blog entry as details are firmed up.

I hope that if this blog approach works then my use of emails will become manageable and useful again and I will manage to reply to everyone in future. (If you want the whole blog see)


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