Monday, 24 November 2008

Vinay Gupta

I met Vinay Gupta on Wednesday 19th November (in the photo Vinay is on the left and Mark Charmer is on the right). I had read some of Vinay's posts in recent months, and various people had pointed out that we had some overlapping interests, so I was very pleased when a visit to Mark's office included a meeting with Vinay.

Vinay had just arrived to start working with with Mark at Akvo. You can read Vinay's blog about his work at Akvo. It was written the day after he arrived and includes a video interview he made with one of the Akvo team, so you get all the background - and an idea of Vinay at work.

Our overlapping areas of interest include practical implementation of eco-ideas, and using the Internet to help people learn from each other and share good practice. Vinay connects closely with Marcin Jakubowski of Openfarm . I have not met Marcin face to face but we have spoken by Skype, to discuss overlaps between his OpenFarm work and John Dada's plans for Attachab Eco-Village.

Vinay has tremendously wide interests so I offer a few links to help you find out who he is:
  • Vinay's "About me" page.
  • His blog (not just the Akvo bit)
  • His view of the future
  • An interview with Vinay which begins "At first it’s hard to get a handle on what exactly Vinay Gupta does. Well, even after getting to know him it’s still hard to pinpoint."
  • The Unplugged A speculative fiction - giving his ideas for how things could be
  • Global swadeshi - because one world is plenty - Open Sustainability Network
  • The whole system - big picture vision
  • A Village to Heal the Planet A Practical Whole-Systems Showcase Village
  • How to live - by recognising and avoiding the six ways to die
  • Video of Vinay Interviewed by Green Ocean - explaining his work (bringing different threads together, research, practitioners, technology....)
  • Videos made by Vinay Watching these will give some idea of Vinay's approach and wide ranging interests - including Dadamac and the Eco-shelter collaboration
Our informal meeting ranged from the thoroughly practical (training videos, the OpenFarm project) through realistic ideas to the totally surreal. As we continue to meet I am adding more links to this entry.

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