Monday, 10 November 2008

Sad News From Caroline Ifeka

This evening I've been on the phone to Caroline Ifeka of REIWA (Rural Empowerment Initiative in West Africa). She is back in the UK for a few weeks, with lots of interesting news and positive progress to catch up on, but tragedy too. Another fatal accident. I am sorry to tell people who were at the Teachers Talking (TT) course at Fantsuam in 2007 that Caroline's colleague, our talented and charming friend Ilyasu, who joined us on TT from Cross River State, was killed in a traffic accident on July 3rd this year. (I can give further details to readers who knew him.) The local Chief Imam was also killed. The circumstances around the accident illustrate not only the dangers of Nigerian roads, but issues of injustice and corruption, and the assumption of some of the rich and powerful that they will not be held accountable before the law. Caroline, in her usual courageous way, has been fighting for justice.

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