Sunday, 16 November 2008

Twitter, blog and KMS

It's nearly a week since I started to use Twitter - and I'm struck by a side benefit that I hadn't anticipated. It's the same side benefit that I discovered when I first used plastic instead of cash i.e. a record of previously unrecorded aspects of my life. My diary only tells me what I intend to do - in contrast to my bank statements, which tell me in precise detail what really happened. I can see that Twitter could provide the same kind of useful trail - but it would follow my contacts and thoughts rather than my finances.

If I get in the habit of telling other people what I'm doing as I go along, then I'll be able to check back for myself later. I like the idea of that, but I'd want a bit more detail than Tweets allow for. Ideally I'd have a full Knowledge Management System (KMS) which would help me zoom in to any bit of information I needed to retrieve. However, I think I'd need a team of techies to sort out my ideal KMS, plus some (as yet uninvented) easy, speedy way to input all the information I'd want to find there. Maybe jotting things down as they happen could be a useful compromise.

I think I'll experiment with using this blog as the kind of maxi-twitter for a bit and see if I finish up feeling more in control of my information.

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