Sunday, 5 August 2007

LearnByDoing Session 2 - August 2nd 2007

The session topic was: "Evidence Evidence Evidence!" - How we use photos and video to share our stories

For evidence of how people in Minciu Sodas are moving on in their ability to share photos and video see the session archives. There are also recent contributions to YouTube by the School for Acrobats in Kibera and by Samuel Kongere. Links from the session two archives are collected together on the right hand side navigation bar.

Review Structure
I'll use the "Three Legged Stool Checklist" for a quick review of the meeting:
  • Information
  • Communication/People-with-a-purpose
  • The Technology
  • ICT-for-What?
  • Information - The information exchanged can be seen by going to the archives of the e-meeting. You will see all the chat and there are various links contributed by the participants.

  • Communication - The "people with a purpose" - The people who wanted to discuss this topic had emerged through various Minciu Sodas discussion threads and also through FaceBook. In the event not all were able to attend, but those who missed out will be able to see the report and we can hold a follow-up meeting for them later.
  • More about the people - I was encouraged to see the mixture of people at our meeting this month - some "core members" and some newcomers. From memory I think we were eleven people including five newcomers. People joined in from India, Korea, Lithuania, Serbia, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, UK and USA. Three other potential participants, two from Kenya and one from Nigeria also tried to attend, but sadly techie glitches kept them out. We also had some apologies. If I have missed anyone out please let me know so I can edit my mistakes.
  • The Technology - The meeting was held at chat room. You are welcome to drop into the chat room at any time. See the session 2 archives for other technologies involved during the e-meeting.

  • ICT for What? - As usual we were looking at using the chat room effectively, as well as considering the session topic.
    • We are getting more accustomed to our structure of informal networking at the start and finish, with a central more structured session.
    • Many thanks to Sasha for acting as chairman and for agreeing to take the chair again in September.
    • Next time we will also try to have a "latecomers steward" to whisper a welcome to latecomers and help them settle in without disturbing the flow of the meeting. Fred has accepted that role if he is able to attend.
    • Regular attendees at the LearnByDoing sessions are getting in the habit of choosing their own text colour, which makes it easier to follow who is saying what.
    • We are developing an Instant Introductions page, which helps to speed up the process of people getting to know each other.
    • We are learning other details like how to turn auto-scroll on and off, and how to make better use of the area around the main chat screen.
    • It begins to feel as if we are "moving in" to the chat room, as a regular e-meeting space for what I think of as the "LearnByDoing Club."

Open invitation to our e-meetings and future dates
LearnByDoing e-meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of the month. Given our varied time zones, no time is perfect - but 13.30 GMT seems to work fairly well. Times of future sessions may vary depending on what best suits the key participants. There is an open invitation to people who would like to attend.

Our next LearnByDoing e-meeting in the chat room will be on Thursday 6th September 2007.

Before that, on Thursday August 16th we plan our first LearnByDoing e-meeting at Trainerspod, using Elluminate. We will be exploring the best way to use audio-graphic conferencing, with a view to holding regular e-meetings at both locations (chat room and Trainerspod) in the New Year.

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