Monday, 30 July 2007

E-meeting - August 2nd "Evidence, evidence, evidence!" - How we use photos and video to share our stories.

Our next e-meeting at chat room is planned for Thursday August 2nd 2007 at 2.30 pm London Time (1.30 GMT. Please click here to check your timezone.) It will be a chat room meeting. The theme is "Evidence, evidence, evidence!" - How we use photos and video to share our stories.

As usual we will start off with some informal "meeting-and-greeting", before the main session, and there will be opportunities for informal networking afterwards.

There has been a lot of discussion at LearningFromEachOther, Mendenyo, and Facebook, about how we share grass-roots evidence with bandwidth-rich communities. Our grass-roots groups face great problems getting online and achieve a major triumph if they manage to join in online discussion using text. By contrast our bandwidth rich contacts (and potential contacts) are accustomed to multi-media.

  • How do we cross the culture-gaps and and communication gaps?

  • How far have we progressed and what are the main issues we face at present?

  • How do we move forward?

ICT4D Checklist
I will use my ICT4D "three-legged stool" checklist to review our progress.

Checklist item 1 - Information
We have a lots of information:

  • Information that Samwel has collected on his camera (and there are other photos, and video clips, on other cameras, tapes, computers, CDs and datapens belonging to other people in our various grass-roots networks).

  • Experience that Samwel and others have about their problems sending their photos and video clips.

  • Experience that people have of working with photos and video, mostly in bandwidth rich situations.

  • Ideas of where our information should be presented once it is on the Internet.

Checklist item 2 - Communication
Who are the "people with a purpose" who want to share their information? There are quite a few. All the names I mention here are invited to Thursday's session:

  • Andrius, Maria and Samwel - who are involved in the e-collaboration and/or face to face (F2F) meetings that got the cameras to Kenya -,and it is Samwel who has collected the photos/video clips (no sound) into the camera.

  • David Mutua - who has helped me to collect grassroots photos and video in the past and suggested we should have an e-meeting about it.

  • Guilhem and Asif - who have been giving practical advice to Samwel via Facebook and yahoo groups.

  • Chris Macrae - who wants to get Samwel's videos on youtube, and helped Samwel to get the camera.

I cannot promise all te peopel mentioned will be there, but they are invited. Perhaps as we get further with LearnByDoing we can agree a place where people sign up in advance for e-meetings - so everyone knows in advance who is planning to attend.

Pam will also be attending, and probably others from LearningFromEachOther, Cawdnet, and other networks, who are part of the growing "LearnByDoing Club".

Checklist item 3 - Technology
Aspects of technology have already been mentioned:

  • The Camera, the existing and potential interfaces between the camera and the Internet, the various e-locations where emails have been exchanged, and this e-meeting.

Checklist item 4 - ICT4....
So - ICT4What?

  • Well, in this case the objective is to move forward in our attempt to collect visual evidence form grass-roots projects in Africa and share it in places like "YouTube".

Some practical details for the session

  • We will need a chairperson. I am thinking it may be Sasha - but haven't asked him yet.


  • We need to make our way of introducing ourselves much smoother.

  • We have space on Andrius wiki for this, and Lorraine is making a start on creating a LearnByDoing club index.

  • The idea is that we will develop an alphabetical list of everyone who comes to our "LearnByDoing Club"e-meetings. This alphabetical list will be on one page of the wiki - each name will be a live link to a quick introduction to the named person.

  • People who often come along to LearnByDoing e-meetings will get to know each other and won't need to check on the introduction list.

  • The introduction list will be there to help newcomers. By clicking on the names, newcomers will quickly get to know more about the various people who are contributing to the chat.

  • Newcomers will always be welcome to introduce themselves (during the informal networking time) and their information can also be added to the introduction list. This will happen gradually, depending how much people do for themselves and how much it is left to others.

Agenda items:

  • When the chairman is chosen and calls us to order for the main session we will agree the agenda.

  • It will consist of discussion on various points relating to cameras and the sharing of photos, and video clips.

  • Towards the end of the session the chairman will sum up and offer an "Any Other Business" (OAB) time. Suggestions under AOB may be discussed immediately or held over for a later e-meeting.

  • The chairman will then declare the meeting closed and people will sort themselves out for informal networking.

As usual with a LearnByDoing e-meeting there is an open invitation to attend.

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