Thursday, 8 November 2007

Chats past and Trainserspod future

Chats catch-up
This is written in haste. My intention was to edit down some chats we have had, to make them more "reader friendly". I also wanted to tell about a discussion that Andrius Kulikauskus and I had about the group dynamics of our chat sessions and the benefits and disadvantages of various approaches. However - time has been against me for that, so for now I am simply
mentioning that chats have been continuing, and we do definitely LearnByDoing .

Thursday 29th November
Looking ahead. The next LearnByDoing (LBD) session with TrainersPod is scheduled for Thursday 29th November. Prince Obiri-Mainoo and I (Pamela McLean) will be discussing our plans and experiences related to ICT and education in Africa. Prince and I e-met recently, at a TrainersPod webinar. We discovered overlapping interests because of Prince's ICT training work in USA and Ghana, and mine with rural teachers in Nigeria and Kenya.

This session is going to be participative and very much about practicalities. People who join the session will be encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences of ICT and education in Africa. I, for one, am intending to learn a lot from the discussion - and I hope others will too.

You can register your interests and comment at the LBD section at Cawdnet Campus. Find out more by clicking here.

The first Thursday and the last Friday
The usual time for LBD meetings in the chat room is 13.00 GMT on the first Thursday of the month. The Teachers Talking Kenya group also try to get to the chat room during their monthly meetings - we are trying to learn how to raise some money for them, to help cover their travel and online expenses. If anyone has any ideas do please let us know. (You can paste a comment here - or email

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